Administrative Expungement Request Form

Prior to submitting this form, please read the following information about non-academic Administrative Expungements.  This page includes information about how a request is reviewed and how a student may still need to disclose information regarding their non-academic administrative or disciplinary record to a third party.  In accordance with the “Code of Academic Integrity” information related to a student’s academic disciplinary record is permanently retained by the university and is not eligible for an administrative expungement. For more information regarding an administrative expungement, please review Article 40 of the “Code of Student Conduct.”

Online Form Submission Instructions

When submitting an administrative expungement request, please fill in all the blanks below and provide as much information as possible regarding why you believe your non-academic administrative and/or disciplinary record should be administratively expunged. Additionally, you may be asked to meet with an Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities staff member to discuss your request and/or to submit supplemental information for consideration.

Please note that the submission of this form, supplemental information or a student's participation in a meeting with a staff member does not guarantee that an administrative expungement will be granted by the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Please note that multiple fields are required. Please do not submit multiple requests for an administrative expungement.

(also include Maiden Name in parenthesis, if applicable, for easier identification)