Committee on the Judicial System

The Committee on the Judicial System is the university’s appellate body, which is comprised of two faculty members, two staff members, and two full-time undergraduate students and one full-time graduate student. 

Appeal requests should be addressed to the Associate Dean of Students or designee.  Appeals may be based on one or more of the following grounds in accordance with the "Code of Student Conduct": 

  • There was a material deviation from the procedures that affected the outcome of the student conduct process.
  • There is new and relevant information that was unavailable, with reasonable diligence and effort, that could materially affect the outcome. 
  • The sanction(s) was clearly inappropriate and/or disproportionate to the prohibited conduct for which the respondent was found in violation.

If an appeal is found to be viable by the Associate Dean of Students or designee, the appeal will be forwarded to the Chair of the Committee on the Judicial System, who shall select a Panel of three persons from the Committee to review and decide the appeal (the “Panel”).  One member from each constituency – students, faculty, and administrators – shall be appointed, but otherwise, the selection of Panel members shall be within the discretion of the Chair. 

The decision to grant or deny the appeal will be based on information supplied in the written appeal and, when necessary, the record of the original proceedings.  As a general practice, the Panel will attempt to reach its decision within 45 days, although it may take additional time to do so in individual cases depending on the circumstances involved, the complexity of the facts, the availability of witnesses, and other factors. 

The Panel of the Committee on the Judicial System may

  1. Affirm the finding of the original board or conference;
  2. Remand the case to the original board or conference officer for a new hearing or conference; or
  3. Request that a new board or conference officer hear the case. 

The decision of the Panel, or the outcome and sanctions (if any) resulting from any new hearing or conference ordered by the Panel in connection with the appeal, shall be final and conclusive and no further appeals will be permitted. 

Sanctions will be deferred during the pendency of appellate proceedings unless, in the judgement of the Dean of the Student Experience or designee, the continued presence of the student on campus poses a substantial threat to others, to themselves, or to the stability and continuance of normal university functions. 

For more information regarding appeals, please read Article XII of the "Code of Student Conduct."