Fine, Fee, & Restitution Payments

How do I submit a Restitution Payment?

A student, student group, or student organization may be required to submit a Restitution Payment, related to several different types of violations of university policy.  Typically, these payments are in relation to violations of the university’s alcohol or drug policies, but maybe for other university policy violations.  A student, group, or organization will receive, in writing, directions regarding the submission of such payments to the university either from the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities or from another university department, if applicable.

Students, groups, or organizations who are required to submit these payments should do so at the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities or as directed in their written correspondence.

  • Restitution payments are made payable to “The George Washington University” or to the specified party, as denoted in the student or organization’s written correspondence, and are submitted in the form of a certified check or money order.


The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities will not accept any payments in the form of cash or a personal check.

Further Clarification:
If you have questions regarding the submission of a Fine, Fee, or Restitution payment that is not addressed on this website, please contact the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at (202) 994-6757 or via e-mail at [email protected].