Good Samaritan Statement

Every Colonial Counts. The health and safety of each and every member of the GW community is of paramount importance. Division for Student Affairs including the Office Student Rights & Responsibilities, understands that the potential for non-academic disciplinary action may deter students from seeking needed medical assistance, either for themselves or others, as the result of the over-consumption of alcohol.

The university has instituted a “Good Samaritan” policy in an effort to encourage students to obtain help when needed.  We urge members of GW’s community to contact the Emergency Medical Response Group (EMeRG) through the GW Police Department (GWPD) when they believe a person may be in need of assistance.  To reach medical help if on campus, contact GWPD at 202-994-6111 and contact 911 if off campus.  We encourage all students who reach out for assistance to identify yourselves so that the university can acknowledge your role as a “Good Samaritan.”

GW is thankful to the students who take an active role in caring for fellow Colonials by acting in responsible and timely ways during a serious situation such as alcohol overdose. Seeking help that is critically needed for a fellow Colonial shows courage and leadership.   Therefore, a “Good Samaritan” who makes a call to obtain medical assistance for an intoxicated student also will not face formal non-academic disciplinary action, provided that he or she has committed no violation of the "Code of Student Conduct" other than the possession or use of alcohol by persons under 21 or intoxication on or off University premises.

Additionally, GW recognizes that situations may arise during a university-sponsored activity at which alcoholic-beverages are served where an individual may need medical assistance as a result of the over-consumption of alcohol.  Therefore, the university has implemented policies to protect the health and safety of students and their guests during a sponsored activity.  However, should a situation arise, the university will consider the actions taken by a student organization into consideration when addressing any policy violation(s) which may have occurred.

For more information about the George Washington University’s Good Samaritan policy, please contact the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at [email protected] or at (202) 994-6757.