Guide to Student Rights & Responsibilities

Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities

On October 15, 2018, GW implemented a new version of the Code of Student Conduct and the Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities.


The previous Code of Student Conduct still available online, as is the previous Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities.


Questions can be directed to SRR at [email protected]


SRR will be conducting a comprehensive review of the Code of Student Conduct and related documents this academic year.  Feedback can be provided in a variety of formats, including the online feedback form here.


Incidents reported to SRR on or after October 15, 2018, will generally be resolved under the October 15, 2018 version of the Code.  Typically, once a case begins under one Code version, it will be resolved under that same Code version. Questions about any specific cases should be directed to SRR.