Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

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Join the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities for our inaugural webinar series. Grab your lunch (or someother meal, depending on your timezeone) and your computer/phone and learn about different policies, the student conduct processes, and much more!

Each webinar will occur on Tuesdays at noon and will be recorded and published after the event.

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Upcoming Webinars


10/27 - Serve as an Advisor in a Student Conduct or Academic Integrity Process


11/05 - Overview of the Student Grievance Procedures

11/10 - Become a University Hearing Panel Member

Recorded Webinars

Understanding the Codes

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The Code of Student Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity are the primary documents governing student behavior. They define prohibited conduct for students and student organizations, establish the procedures for addressing reported violations and preserve students' rights in the processes. While the Code of Student Conduct focuses on behavioral conduct, the Code of Academic Integrity focuses on academic conduct.

Learn about the Codes and how they apply to you both on- and off-campus.

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Charging Academic Integrity Violations

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Learn how faculty can report instances of suspected academic dishonesty. We will cover where you can review the Code of Academic Integrity if you suspect violations and how to write a charge and propose a sanction consistent with the violation. We will also include information on how you can prepare for your conversation and talk with students about the suspected integrity violations and provide tips on how to prevent academic integrity violations. 

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The Academic Integrity Process

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Learn about the academic integrity process for students, faculty and staff. We will provide tips on how to uphold academic integrity for both students and faculty and how to prevent academic integrity violations. We will discuss the options students have, inlcuding their rights in the process, what happens if they accept or contest the charges and sanctions, and how different sanctions may impact their academic careers. Additionally, we will also discuss academic integrity in online learning environments.

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Preparing for a Hearing