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Understanding the Codes

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The Code of Student Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity are the primary documents governing student behavior. They define prohibited conduct for students and student organizations, establish the procedures for addressing reported violations and preserve students' rights in the processes. While the Code of Student Conduct focuses on behavioral conduct, the Code of Academic Integrity focuses on academic conduct.

Learn about the Codes and how they apply to you both on- and off-campus.

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Serve as an Advisor

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Advisors fill a special role directed at helping an advisee through the conduct process by being supportive and by helping the student prepare for their conduct proceeding. This webinar will provide information on how individuals can serve as advisors in the student conduct or academic integrity process. We will explain the role of an advisor in the process and provide tips and resources for how to support students through the learning process.

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The Student Grievance Procedures

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The student grievance procedures provide a channel for students who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of a protected characteristic. We will review the process for filing a grievance, the different resolution paths, and the potential outcomes. We will also cover the difference between the student grievance procedures and the grade grievance procedures.

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Become a University Hearing Panel Member

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Learn about the benefits of being a panel member! Panel members are trained to interpret the Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Conduct and play an integral role in fostering development and growth among students at GW. We will discuss the benefits of involvement and the requirements needed to apply! We will also feature a current/past student, staff and faculty panel members to talk about the opportunity and their experiences with it. 

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