Representatives & Advisors

More information on Representatives and Advisors can be found in the Code of Student Conduct. Basic details of these roles are as follows:

  • Parties may be accompanied by an advisor during disciplinary proceedings;
  • The advisor my be an faculty member, friend, parent, or attorney;
  • If the advisor is an attorney, the attorney cannot act as legal representation for the Respondent;
  • Advisors may not have another role in the specific case process, such as witness;
  • The advisor's role is limited to consultation with the specific parties they are advising. They may not address the Board or question witesses;
  • Violations of the limits of the advisor's role may result in an advisor being removed from the proceeding;
  • Removal from the proceeding occurs at the discretion of the presiding officer, Director of SRR, or designee; 
  • Parties must notify SRR if they will have an advisor during any conduct proceeding; 
  • Any parties involved in the conduct process must have a signed FERPA waiver on file in order to know details of the student's case, as required by law; 
  • The university retains the right to have legal counsel present at any meeting or conduct proceeding.