Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR) within Enrollment and the Student Experience directs the efforts of students and staff members in matters involving student conduct and supports the university’s mission of guiding students to become more responsible citizens. SRR follows the regulations and guidelines set forth in the Code of Student Conduct

The responsibilities of the Office include:

  • Determining the student conduct charges to be filed according to this Code;
  • Interviewing parties and witnesses involved in student conduct proceedings and providing information to them regarding the student conduct process;
  • Training and advising the hearing bodies;
  • Maintaining all student conduct records that are handled through SRR processes;
  • Developing procedures for conflict resolution;
  • Conducting student conduct proceedings, including hearings and conferences;
  • Collecting and disseminating research and analysis concerning student conduct;
  • Resolving cases of student misconduct, including the assignment of sanctions.