Student Rights & Responsibilities


Know the Codes: The Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities at GW

As a GW student, it’s important to know what GW expects of you and what you can expect from GW. The Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Conduct provide some of the expectations for GW students’ behavior in class, outside of class, off-campus, and online. Guides on our website provide an overview of the Codes of Student Conduct and of Academic Integrity. We encourage students to read the Codes in their entirety. In the event any guidance on this website is inconsistent or in conflict with those Codes, the appropriate Code will apply. 

Serve on the University Integrity and Conduct Council

Members of the University Integrity and Conduct Council review reports of academic and non-academic misconduct by students and student organizations. Cases may include cheating, community disturbance, discrimination, non-compliance, physical abuse, plagiarism among others. Members gain experience working in a collaborative decision-making setting. Learn more about this position and working with our office.

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