A Student's Rights in the Disciplinary Process

As indicated within the Guide to Student Rights & Responsibilities and the "Code of Student Conduct," parties are afforded several rights in a non-academic disciplinary process.  These rights include, but may not be limited to:

i. The right to notive of charges and date of a student conduct proceeding at least three days before that conduct proceeding.

ii. The right to receive notice with enough specificity to reasonable prepare a response

iii. The right to question and respond to information that will be used to make a decision in a case. 

iv. The right to produce witnesses on one's own behalf; to prsent evidence; to know prior to the proceeding the contents of and the names of the authors of any written statements that may be introduced against themselves and to respond to such statements. 

v. The right to request that SRR call additional witnesses provided such witnesses are reasonably available and would provide information relevant to the charge(s). 

vi. The right to a decision based on evidence. The student conduct process dow not, however, attempt to adhere to formal rules of evidence, as in a court of law. The reliance upon evidence shall be determined by principles of fundamental fairness. 

vii. The right not to be sanctioned unless the hearing body finds by a perponderance of the evidence that the respondent is in violation. 

viii. The right to be accompanied in all proceedings by an advisor (student, faculty, or other) of the party's choosing and at the party's own expense. This does not include a right to have all student conduct proceedings scheduled around the availability of the advisor. 

ix. The right to appeal decisions to a higher authority or hearing body within the administrative processes provided in this Code. For more information, please review information regarding the appeals criteria and submissions.

x. The right to have cases processed in a time frame that balances expediency with thoroughness. This includes the right to be kept informed of any cause of any delays to the extent allowed by law. 

xi. The right to reasonable access to the case file will be provided at least three days prior to and during the proceeding. Case files contain student educational records so access will be provided consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (" FERPA"). The personal notes of university staff members will not be included in the case file. The case file will be retained in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.