Threats and Acts of Violence Policy

Respectful treatment of others is essential to an environment in which members of the university community can achieve their academic and professional potential. Violence and threats by any student, faculty or staff member, visitor or guest disrupts this environment and may pose a threat to public safety.

The Threats and Acts of Violence policy prohibits all violence and threats on GW campuses and other university property, and in connection with all university programs and activities.

The university also has a policy specifically addressing violence of a sexual nature, the Sexual and Gender Based Harassment and Interpersonal Violence Policy.

Members of the university community may obtain further information about resources relating to this policy from the university’s Title IX Coordinator, (202) 994-7440, [email protected]; the Division of Student Affairs, (202) 994-6710, [email protected]; and the university’s HAVEN website, a centralized location for information and resources relating to power-based violence, including sexual violence, dating and intimate partner violence.

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