VI. Students as Off-Campus Citizens

In their off-campus lives, in matters not related to University functions, students shall not be considered under the control of the University, nor shall the University or its student governments be held responsible for the off-campus activities or personal conduct of its individual students.

A.  Off-Campus Political Activities of Students

No disciplinary action shall be taken by the University against a student for engaging in such off-campus activities as political campaigning, picketing, or participating in public demonstrations, subject to the provisions of paragraph B.

B.   Other Off-Campus Activities of Students

Students who violate a local ordinance or any law risk the legal penalties prescribed by civil authorities.  An educational institution need not concern itself with every violation.  Nevertheless, the University may take disciplinary action against those students whose behavior off University premises indicates that they pose a serious and substantial danger to self or others.

C.   Student Records

Policies concerning the retention, release, and confidentiality of student records shall be recommended by the registrar, the schools, departments, and other record-keeping agencies, with appropriate student representation in the formulating of these policies, and shall be published upon adoption by the Board of Trustees.

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