VII. Amendment, Interim and Emergency Powers, and Implementation

A.   Amendment, Interim and Emergency Powers

In conformity with the University Charter, the By-Laws of the Board of Trustees, this statement may be amended by the Board of Trustees; the faculty retains interim power to discipline students prior to action of the Board of Trustees under regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Nothing in this statement can infringe or intends to infringe upon the authority of the Trustees to amend the statement.  Further, this statement shall not prevent the Administration of the University from taking such action as it deems necessary to the functioning or welfare of the University in any matter prior to action of the Board of Trustees.

B.  Implementation

After adoption by the Board of Trustees, the provisions of this statement shall be put into effect in a manner that provides for both speedy implementation and orderly transition.

Adopted by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, August 7, 1970.

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