What is an Academic Disciplinary Record?

A student who is alleged to have committed a violation of the "Code of Academic Integrity" has a file created and maintained by the Office of Academic Integrity. The student is afforded the opportunity to have the alleged violation(s) of the "Code" heard before the Academic Integrity Council Hearing Panel. In some cases for a first offense, students are permitted to resolve the case by accepting the alleged violation(s) and the proposed sanction by the complainant, provided that the proposed sanction does not include a recommendation of suspension or expulsion.  For a first offense, students who disagree with the validity of the charge or the appropriateness of the proposed sanction are required to have an Academic Integrity Council Hearing.  A student who is alleged to have violated the "Code of Academic Integrity" will receive a copy of the Academic Integrity Council – Charge of Academic Dishonesty form from the Office of Academic Integrity which contains detailed information regarding each student's particular case and his or her hearing.

If a student is found "in violation" of the "Code of Academic Integrity", his or her file is converted to an academic disciplinary record and is retained by the Office of Academic Integrity.

If a student is found "not in violation," the student's file is voided. The information in the file may be retained for a period of time in an administrative file for statistical or record keeping purposes, and in compliance with the law and university regulations.

Confidentiality of Disciplinary Records:
The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects a student's educational records - including academic disciplinary records - from unauthorized disclosure to third parties. A student must sign a waiver to grant access to his or her academic disciplinary record before the Office of Academic Integrity will disclose the information contained in the student's records. These confidentiality requirements also apply to situations when a student’s parents contact the Office of Academic Integrity.  Prior to the release of any information, the student must submit the signed waiver indicated above before the Office of Academic Integrity will share disciplinary record information.

Inspection of Disciplinary Records:
Students may request to inspect or view their academic disciplinary records in accordance with FERPA and university policy. To do so, a student should make an appointment with an Office of Academic Integrity staff member. Disciplinary records are not immediately available to students because the records must be redacted, which means information relating to other students, administrative file notes, and any other confidential information must be removed. Upon request, the Office of Academic Integrity will provide students with copies of redacted reports, letters, applicable forms, or receipts in the student's file.