Academic Integrity Process Overview

  1. The instructor of record for the course initiates the academic integrity process by contacting the student or submitting a charge of academic dishonesty form to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR). Students and others may contact the instructor of record or SRR to initiate the process.
  2. The accused student has three options:
  • accept the charge and recommended sanction, 
  • contest the charge and recommended sanction, or 
  • accept the charge and contest the recommended sanction.
  1. If the student accepts both the charge and recommended sanction, the student will receive an outcome letter from SRR and the instructor of record will implement the sanction. By accepting, the student waives the right to appeal.
  2. If the student contests either the charge or the recommended sanction, the charge is referred to an Academic Integrity Hearing Panel and a hearing is scheduled.
  3. An Academic Integrity Hearing Panel hears the case and deliberates to determine if the student is in violation or not in violation. The Panel may also make a sanction recommendation.
  4. The case and outcome are forwarded to the Dean of the college/school where the reported violation occurred for review of the recommended sanction.
  5. The instructor of record and student receive notification of the Panel’s decision on the student’s responsibility and the relevant Dean’s decision on the sanction recommendation, if applicable.
  6. After the outcome notification, the respondent may file an appeal.


Overview of the Academic Integrity Process (PDF)