Guidance for Students

Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR) has created the following suggested guidance to assist in conversations regarding academic integrity.

Upholding Academic Integrity

  • Read the syllabus carefully at the beginning of each course.
  • Follow exam and assignment instructions.
  • Ask questions about completion of course assignments, including levels of collaboration during group work, permitted and prohibited resources, standards for citations/references, and behavior during exam and other projects.
  • Plan ahead to avoid pressure and confusion.
  • Understand the Code of Academic Integrity. Contact SRR at [email protected] with questions.
  • Anticipate challenges and share those with faculty. Utilize available resources, such as the Writing Center.
Responding to an Allegation of Academic Dishonesty

Ask the faculty member for a copy of the Charge of Academic Dishonesty and to review the evidence of the alleged violation(s). Review the Code of Academic Integrity. Consult with our office to discuss your rights & responsibilities in relation to the alleged violation(s). You may also consult with a support person of your choosing.


  • The specific violation(s) you are being charged with
  • The potential sanction(s) and how they may affect your academic status within the course, within the academic program or school, and at the university
  • Your options in response to the charge(s), which include
    1. Dispute the assignment of a Warning, thereby requesting an Academic Integrity Panel to review the matter,
    2. accepting the charge and recommended sanction,
    3. accepting the charge and contesting the recommended sanction, or
    4. contesting both the charge and the recommended sanction
  • Panel procedures and your rights in the process
Participate in any panel or meetings requested or required of you.