For Students Going Through a Conduct Process

Student Rights & Responsibilities manages reports of student misconduct on campus, include violations of the Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Conduct.

Your case manager will serve as your point of contact for any questions about your case and the conduct process.

We understand going through a conduct process can be a stressful experience. You may find these additional resources helpful.

On-Campus Mental Health Resources

On-Campus Mental Health Resources:  

CAPS - Student Health Center: (202) 994-5300 option #2 to speak with a counselor 24/7. 

GW Listens: call or text (202) 902-8255 from Sun-Wed, 9pm – 1am for confidential conversations with trained student volunteers  

GWU Health Center Self-Help resources: This provides written tips on topics including anxiety, helping and friend, and time management. 

Additional On-Campus Resources

Additional On-Campus Resources:  

Academic Advising: 

Students seeking counseling and/or need information regarding their current academic status after or during their case could reach out to an advisor.  

Bias Incident Response Team: 

Collects and responds to online reports of bias incidents at GW. The BIRT will convene to ensure that students have access to appropriate support and to assist the university in a coordinated campus response to bias-related incidents.  

CARE Team: You can use this to refer students or yourself to a variety of support resources on campus. 

Campus Living and Residential Engagement: 202-994-2552  

Students can contact the above resource for issues regarding their residential environment on-campus and housing assignment.  

Center for Career Services: (202) 994-6495  

Offers career coaching, self-assessment, and many more services. If you are evaluating how your conduct situation may affect your future career prospects, they can assist you in considering how to address this as you search.  

Disability Support Services: (202) 994-8250 

Students needing accommodation to fully participate in the conduct process should request those as soon as possible from their case manager. Students seeking other accommodation should work with DSS. 

Financial Aid Services Office: (202) 994-6620  

If your conduct case could involve removal from housing, suspension, dismissal, or failure of a course, we recommend checking with Financial Aid regarding any effects of aid you receive.

International Services Office: (202) 994-4477 

If you are an international student and your ability to attend the university may be limited as a result of your case, we encourage you to reach out to the ISO as soon as possible, so they could help you anticipate any visa issues.

Office for Study Abroad: 202-994-1649  

Students interested in Study Abroad opportunities can call to find out how their cases might be affected or help you anticipate any issues 

Online/Off-Campus Mental Health Resources

Online/Off-Campus Mental Health Resources:  

Access Helpline: (888) 793-4357 for 24/7 mental health professionals  

CrisisLink: call (703) 527-4077 or text CONNECT to 85511 for 24/7 assistance 

Victims of Crime Assistance

Victims of Crime Assistance:  

Office of Advocacy and Support 

The Office of Advocacy & Support provides confidential services designed to raise awareness and address the needs of those impacted by any form of crime. 

GW Emergency Services: Call (202) 994-6111 for emergencies, and (202) 994-6110 for non-emergencies  

DC Office of Victim Services: (844) 443-5732 for 24/7 DC Crime Victim hotline 

Alexandria Virginia Victim Witness Assistance Program: (703) 746-4100 available M – F,  8 - 5 for assistance 

Substance Abuse Concerns

Substance Abuse Concerns:  

W Alcohol and Substance Use Services: (202) 741-2888, 2150 Pennsylvania Ave, NW  

Alcoholics Anonymous:  (202) 966-9115 from 10am – 10pm 

Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Resources

Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence:  

GW Sexual Assault Response Consultative Team: to report an incident, or call (202) 994-7222 for 24/7 confidential consultation 

GW Title IX Office: (202) 994-7434  

National Sexual Assault Hotline: (800) 656-4673 for 24/7 assistance 

DC Rape Crisis Center: (202) 333-7273 for 24/7 assistance 

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233 for 24/7 assistance