Appeals for Academic Integrity Violations

Students who accept an in violation outcome for the charges and sanctions are unable to appeal.

Appeals of the decision of the AIP or of the sanction imposed by the relevant dean or designee
may be based only on the following grounds:

  • There was a material deviation from the procedures of this Code that affected the outcome.
  • There is new and relevant information that was unavailable at the time of the proceeding, with reasonable diligence and effort that could materially affect the outcome.

A Respondent found in violation of this Code as a result of an Academic Integrity Panel and sanctioned by the applicable dean or designee may submit a written appeal to Student Rights & Responsibilities within five (5) business days of being notified of the outcome.

Submit an Appeal

Appeals will be reviewed by the Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs or a designee. The Provost or a designee will then decide on the appeal, based on the written appeal and the reports of the AIP and the relevant dean or designee. The appeal decision of the Provost will typically be rendered and provided to the instructor of record and the respondent within ten (10) business days of the appeal materials being received by the Provost.

The decision of the Provost or designee in connection with the appeal shall be final and conclusive and no further appeals will be permitted. The dean of the respondent’s home school at the University shall also receive final notice of the case outcome.