The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities maintains educational records regarding student behavioral and academic misconduct.

Records maintained by our office include:

  • Actions in which a student has not been charged with a violation of the Code of Student Conduct or the Code of Academic Integrity
  • Most frequently warning letters from the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities related to minor misconduct 
  • Participation in the university’s Alcohol Medical Amnesty Program
  • Written directives from a university official such as a No Contact Order with another individual
  • A barring notice (persona non grata order) related to a student’s ability to access university facilities
  • An administrative move letter within the university’s residential facilities
  • Not in violation findings

A student or student organization who is charged with a violation and found in violation of the Code of Student Conduct has a conduct record created and maintained by the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.  

A student or student organization who is charged and found in violation of the Code of Academic Integrity has an academic conduct record maintained by Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Academic and behavioral conduct records may be administratively archived (known as expungements prior to August 2020) in accordance with the Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Conduct. When a conduct record is administratively archived, the information it contains is no longer part of the student’s active file. The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities is required by law and university policy to retain for statistical purposes information regarding certain types of violations. 

Conduct files of expulsion are considered permanent records and will not be removed from the student's conduct file.

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