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About Us

Conflict Coach is a biweekly feature focused on helping GW students navigate conflict for effective and restorative outcomes. Conflict Coach features questions posed directly from students, as well as scenarios assembled from conflicts that are typical for students. In 2023-2024, Conflict Coach is focused on GW’s first-year student experiences.


Grading Gripes

A student feels that their midterm was graded wrong. Conflict Coach suggests several ways to approach and ask a person in a position of power for assistance.

Tired of the Trash Talking

An exec board campaign is impacting friendships and leadership. Conflict Coach suggests that highlighting the impact may help candidates do and be better.

Not Going Broke Over Spring Break

Can’t afford to travel for Spring Break and you don’t want to tell your friends. Conflict Coach provides tips to guide the conversation.

Breaking Up With A Roommate

Is it okay to break-up with my current roommate to live with another? Conflict Coach has guidance.

Captain of Rivals

Group projects are a challenge, especially when friends are involved. Conflict Coach helps a team leader navigate friendships, group projects, and conflicts.

Must Move On

Coming back from winter break means moving back in with your slightly annoying roommate. Conflict Coach frames an alternative to suffering silently or moving out.

Stuck on Repeat

Your high school SO can’t be distracted from the struggles of your long-distance relationship. Conflict Coach can help you move the conversation forward.


One of your classmates doesn't want to hang out because of your social media posts. Conflict Coach offers advice on why it may be good to respect boundaries.

Home for Every Minute

Worried About Your First Visit Home? Conflict Coach helps a student think through some basic steps to help clarify expectations (and schedules) with family and friends back home.

A Not So Happy Halloween

What do you do when you realize your cultural mistake hurts someone you really care about? Conflict coach has some advice for a possible pathway to repairing the harm and renewing the relationship