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About Us

Conflict Coach is a biweekly feature focused on helping GW students navigate conflict for effective and restorative outcomes. Conflict Coach features questions posed directly from students, as well as scenarios assembled from conflicts that are typical for students. In 2023-2024, Conflict Coach is focused on GW’s first-year student experiences.



One of your classmates doesn't want to hang out because of your social media posts. Conflict Coach offers advice on why it may be good to respect boundaries.

Home for Every Minute

Worried About Your First Visit Home? Conflict Coach helps a student think through some basic steps to help clarify expectations (and schedules) with family and friends back home.

A Not So Happy Halloween

What do you do when you realize your cultural mistake hurts someone you really care about? Conflict coach has some advice for a possible pathway to repairing the harm and renewing the relationship

Revisiting the Roommate Agreement

Your roommate has lots of feedback on how the relationship is going. Conflict Coach helps you figure out when to stand up for your perspective and when to be more agreeable when you and your roommate...

Messy Room, Messy Conflict

This week, Conflict Coach offers ideas for how to talk to a roommate that is too messy or too clean. Hopefully, the roommates can get to a place that’s “just right” for both. After all, your home...

Tidal Basin at sunrise.

Need More Sleep

Conflict Coach learned that new roommates are not sleeping well, and one roommate is exhausted! Conflict Coach offers some Comment start ‘engineering’ tips and communication options for a good night...

District house and gate

No Respect

You and your roommate agreed to live with mutual respect, but you feel like your roommate isn’t living up to that. Conflict Coach weighs in on how to manage and, hopefully improve, the relationship.