Know the Codes

Know the codes; The guides to your rights and responsibilities

As a GW student, it’s important to know what GW expects of you and what you can expect from GW. The Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Conduct provide some of the expectations for GW students’ behavior in class, outside of class, off-campus, and online. This guide provides an overview of the Codes of Student Conduct and of Academic Integrity. We encourage students to read the Codes in their entirety. In the event this guide is inconsistent or in conflict with those Codes, the appropriate Code will apply.

Read about the most recent Code updates in GW Today.

What are the most important decisions I can make to prevent harm to myself and others?

  • Avoid alcohol and other drug violations. If under 21, alcohol, marijuana and other drug use/possession is prohibited on and off-campus. Marijuana and other drugs are prohibited on-campus, regardless of age.
  • Be kind and inclusive. Enthusiastic disagreement is an important part of civic engagement. Disrupting events, harassment, recording someone without their knowledge where they would reasonably expect privacy, and discriminatory misconduct are prohibited at GW, including off-campus and online.
  • Be safe for yourself and others. This includes not possessing weapons or fire hazards. It also includes avoiding physical assault and hazing. Failing to comply with university officials is also prohibited.
  • Be honest. This includes being honest about your identity (fake IDs are prohibited), your actions (dishonesty in university processes is prohibited), and as you do your academic work.
  • Plan ahead. Most students who commit academic integrity violations didn’t plan to do so—they got behind and took a shortcut. Ask for help and manage your time.
  • Talk to your professors about their expectations for citations and collaboration. Confusion in this area sometimes leads to academic integrity violations.

I don't plan to break the rules - why do the Codes matter to me?

  • If you want to study abroad, work on campus, or be an elected student leader, those opportunities often depend upon being in good standing with the Codes.
  • If you want to know your rights to speech and expression, to gather, and to be free from discrimination, the Codes provide more information on that.
  • GW is a new-to-you culture, with different expectations about everything from marijuana to academic citations. The Codes teach you about those expectations, so you can make your most informed decisions.
  • If you want to be part of deciding how the university responds to reports of misconduct, you can apply to serve on the panels that hear such cases.

So, if I get in trouble, will I get kicked out?

GW is about your education, both in and outside of the classroom. While students are occasionally removed from GW, most students remain at the university even after a policy violation. We require them to engage in education to repair any harm they did and restore trust in them as community members.

What if I have more questions?

Great!  Please feel free to call us (202-994-6757) or email us ([email protected]).