Requesting a Student Record

Students/alumni, internal GW staff/faculty, and external parties may request a student’s record as maintained by Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR). Generally, SRR will only release these records with the permission of the student. The university may disclose an educational record without consent under limited circumstances.

SRR also does not maintain any records regarding sex- and/or gender-based harassment if the report was made to the University after July 1, 2018. If you wish to receive such records, you will need to contact the University’s Title IX office by calling (202) 994-7434 or emailing [email protected].

SRR can only answer questions related to records maintained by our office. If you are looking for information related to a student’s academic (e.g.., grades, academic probation) or other education records (e.g., financial obligation history), please submit your request through the Office of the Registrar.

Our office responds honestly to the questions posed on records checks and will provide specific records authorized for release.

Unless otherwise noted, information provided in a conduct check will typically include:

  • the date of the incident,
  • the charges for which the student was found in violation or the behavior documented,
  • the sanctions, and
  • completion status of sanctions.

Requests typically take 3-5 business days to complete.

Student/Alumni Requests

Students may wish to receive a copy of their record or may wish to release their records for background checks, employment review, graduate school applications, and other circumstances.

Students may request their records be sent to themselves or another person/organization/institution by completing the Request Your Record Form.

Request Your Record Form

Internal GW Staff/Faculty Requests

Staff/Faculty Requests for Completing Forms on Behalf of Students

To request a conduct check in order to complete a form requested by a student, GW staff/faculty should email [email protected] from their GW email and include the form signed by the student as an attachment. SRR will respond with the information and the GW staff/faculty person making the request can complete the form.

Staff/Faculty Requests for Internal Programs

To request a conduct check, GW staff/faculty should email [email protected] with their request from their GW email. In the email, please include an Excel spreadsheet with the students’ names in one column and the GWID in another column, the reason for the request (e.g., to determine students’ eligibility to study abroad), and the types of records (e.g., students currently on disciplinary probation).

Faculty Requests for Prior Academic Integrity Violations

Faculty should email [email protected] with the student’s name and GWID (if available) from their GW email. In the email, please include that the reason for the request is checking for prior academic integrity violations.

SRR will provide the number of previous academic integrity records that exist for the student.

External Party Requests

External parties can request a student/alumni’s conduct record with a proper signed release.

We currently accept requests in person with a signed release and valid credentials. We will need to keep a copy of the release. We can also accept requests via email from a legitimate government or other valid institutional email address. The release should be attached in the email and be un-redacted.