Cases Over Time 2020-2021


Academic Integrity Reports over time
Student conduct reports over time

Over the last five academic years, SRR has seen an overall increasing trend in both academic integrity and student conduct cases.

  • Cases of academic integrity violations in 2020-2021 increased by 42% over the previous year.
  • Cases of student conduct concerns in 2020-2021 increased by 8% over the previous year.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic moved classes online, which may account for some of the increases in reporting of academic integrity violations. The pandemic also reduced the number of people on-campus and as such, we would have expected to see a decrease in the number of student conduct concerns reported.

Although the pandemic impacted reporting, we do expect to see the continued increase of reports and cases, as we continue outreach regarding the reporting processes.

SRR reviews every report we receive for potential outreach and/or violations and responds accordingly, For the 2020-2021 academic year, SRR received a total of 1262 reports and responded to 96.3% of them. Reponses could include a warning letter or conversation regarding reported behavior, conflict mediation/resolution options, resources, or a formal conduct process.

In reports where no policy violation was identified, SRR may offer additional support, resources, or connections to other GW offices to the reporting and/or reported parties. For reports that do not receive a response, we were unable to follow-up with the reporting party for additional information, no policy violation was identified from the information provided, no additional resources or support could be offered, and/or no student was identified in the report.

For purposes of analysis, an academic year includes the dates between August 1 and July 31.