Student Files & Records

Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for more detailed information. Basic information on Transcript Notations and Conduct Files and Records follows. 

Transcript Notations

  • An encumbrance may be placed on a respondent's university records for alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct by the Director of SRR or designee while conduct proceedings are in progress or if sanctions are not completed by the assigned date;
  • Notation of student conduct action will be made on the transcript whenever a student is expelled or suspended;
  • Notations of expulsion are considered permanent records and will not be removed from a respondent's transcript;
  • Notations of suspension may be petitioned for removal by the student after three years from the finding of fact for each case, and the petition may be granted at the discretion of the Director of SRR or designee.

Conduct Files and Records 

  • Student Conduct Files are subject to release to third parties if the student is found in violation and the sanction is more than a warning;
  • Files are retained as a student conduct record until graduation, unless the files consist of suspension or expulsion as outline above and in the Code of Student Conduct;
  • Records may be removed from the student's files by the Director of SRR or designee upon written request by the student;
  • Written requests for removal of files may be made no sooner than one year after the finding of fact for the case;
  • Administrative expungement of the student's file shall not prohibit any entity of the university from retaining records of violations and reporting violations as required by law; 
  • Students who fail to complete active sanctions will have an encumbrance placed on their records by SRR, which will be removed upon completion of all sanctions required by the university;
  • Encumbrances will typically prevent students from registering for classes, from withdrawing from courses, applying for on-campus housing assignments, or receiving copies of academic transcripts.


Factors considered by the Director of SRR or designee for expungement of records or removal of transcript notations include the following:

  • The current demeanor of the student;
  • The student's conduct subsequent to the violation;
  • the nature of the violation, including severity of any other student's damage, injury, or harm.